A Little About Us

Shout Sister! takes an unorthodox approach to choral singing. We do not audition and we sing a fun variety of music from pop and Motown, to folk, to a touch of country and blues.

We learn from recorded tracks so we require no reading of music. Our method is fresh and fun and we are a warm and welcoming community.

The act of singing with others is both powerful and joyful and, while our choir fills the need for those who have never sung with others, experienced singers will find the relaxed atmosphere and alternative repertoire a refreshing change.

The first choir was started by Georgette Fry in Kingston in 2002. She opened chapters in Brockville and Picton in 2006 and the Shout Sister! dream began to take shape.  We currently have 25 Chapters in Ontario under the direction of 14 Directors.

You are welcome to attend a practice with no obligation and new members are welcome at any time. Please note we are "scent-free choirs".  

Please look under the menu "Choir Locations" for more information about Shout Sister! in your area.