Georgette Fry


Founder & Director of Brockville, Picton, and Kingston Evening Choirs

"I think you have to take what I do in context and look at the body of songs I play. What you see is a strong independent woman"- G.Fry

1994 Juno nominee and veteran of the Canadian music scene, blues and jazz artist, Georgette Fry, has dedicated many hours of her 35-year career towards raising funds for and awareness of the needs of women and children in crisis.

In 2002, because of her conviction that one does not need to have an education in music in order to reap the physical and psychological benefits of singing, Georgette designed and implemented a non-reading, non-auditioning "pop" choir (Shout Sister!), specifically aimed at women whose so-called musical limitations may have robbed them of prior opportunities to sing in a group setting. 

An ardent peacenik and feminist, Georgette is also committed to fostering community within the arts and has incorporated these ideals into a radically different choral experience which is now being shared in steadily increasing numbers throughout southwestern Ontario; all 21 of her choirs regularly perform to raise money for local initiatives which help women and children in need.  As part of its mandate, Shout Sister! also seeks to employ, as directors, women who struggle to earn a living as career musicians, women whose enthusiasm for keeping the arts alive can't help but reach and inspire those who are eager to share the same goals.